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Wooden Side Chair


CA: 29ad8JW1YcVT3mxcvxJpe3EzWqXCGD7KaSRWrc3TEMWG

SEAT is a parody token with no affiliations to any celebrity

$16,000 Donated to charities so far

CA: 29ad8JW1YcVT3mxcvxJpe3EzWqXCGD7KaSRWrc3TEMWG

The First and ONLY Predator Meme on Solana.

Working to use memes to defeat human trafficking & exploitation.


Get a Phantom Wallet

Download “Phantom Wallet” or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

Get Some SOLANA and Send it to Your Phantom Wallet

Send Solana to your wallet from your Coinbase or wherever you buy crypto. At the top of your wallet you can see a place to copy your wallet address.

Swap SOLANA for SEAT or use Jupiter

Follow the GIF below to swap Solana for SEAT. Sometimes the “slippage” needs to be adjusted higher on the top right of the wallet.

Wooden Side Chair
Wooden Side Chair


Total Supply 996,296,135

100% Locked Liquidity

100% of Liquidity Tokens Burned

Immutable (No New Tokens Can Be Created)


The Community will contribute to a wallet and make a donation to stop human trafficking and exploitation when the market cap doubles starting at 1 Mil MC.

100% of the proceeds from our merchandise site go to burning SEAT tokens.

NFT Project on the way!

After 1 Million MC, every time the market cap doubles the community will contribute to the wallet and make donations to charities dedicated to stopping trafficking and assisting victims.

Marketing Wallet:


Donation Wallet:


Our Developer is constantly announcing giveaways and token burning events. Keep up with our X account or Telegram to stay abreast of all of our giveaways and token burning events!